Experts in digital parking enforcement

Smart Data

SCANaCAR’s products and services are deployed by many companies and governmental organizations when they need information on cars and other vehicles. The basis of the solutions is digital image recognition and license plate recognition in particular. The identification of cars in combination with precise location and images is enriched with data and detections from other systems or other periods and combined to actionable information.


The scanning equipment collects data that is enriched with external information or compared between days or shifts. Research is performed with our mobile or static products and equipment can be bought or rented directly for short and long periods.

Parking research provides insights into:

  • Occupancy rates and the period that cars are parked
  • Categories of cars that park in a district (residents, visitors, commuters, …)
  • Preparedness to pay, compliance

Traffic research provides insights into:

  • Traffic density
  • Origin and destination of traffic
  • Routes

Marketing research provides insights into:

  • Customer segments and origin
  • Frequency of visits

Customers are research companies, parking operators, municipalities and retail organizations.

Environmental zones

City centres have congestion charging or prohibit entry by vehicles that have (old) polluting engines. Our scanning equipment detects all vehicles and matches the license plate to vehicle registration databases with information on engine type or age. Special permit white lists may be checked as well. Information on unlawful vehicles can be sent directly to the organisation that can issue a fine. Colour images are made for evidence purposes.

Advantages of our static products:

  • Cost saving in areas with few entries and exits
  • All passing vehicles are recorded

Advantages of our static products:

  • Flexible deployment in location and timing, multi-functional
  • More efficient where many roads that give access to the area

Suspect vehicles

Police, governmental vehicle registration institutions, insurance companies and bailiffs use scanning equipment to find cars that are stolen or have the wrong license plates for example. Our scanning vehicles detect up to 2000 vehicles per hour. Checks are done against black lists or vehicle registration databases.

Immediate follow up is an option with instant notification including a digital map with the exact location of the suspect vehicle.

The main advantages of tracking down with SCANaCAR:

  • Safe driving, as no active operation is required
  • Blacklist in a secured environment
  • Blacklist always up-to-date
  • Policemen can focus on other tasks

In a similar way a specialized partner uses our ANPR systems to detect cars that have not paid at gas stations after tanking

City centres selective access

Our static camera’s check which vehicles enter city centres with selective access or ‘residents only’ roads. Error prone movable bollards are no longer needed. The license plates of all passing vehicles are matched with white lists and license plates of on unlawful vehicles can be sent directly to the organisation that can issue a fine.


  • Very fast recognition, thus optimal traffic flow
  • Low investment and maintenance cost
  • Safer situations on the streets
  • Easy management of white and exception periods