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Scanacar solutions and products prove their value in daily practice. Below you will find a selection of tailor made solutions we implemented with various European partners. Scanacar has the knowledge and expertise to develop a suited solution in any given context. Find out how your organization might benefit from our innovative approach. Please contact us for more information.

UK London, Heathrow Airport

Car park access control at > 99 % accuracy

Most terminals at Heathrow Airport are equipped with ScanBollards. On a daily basis more than ten thousand license plates are detected and linked with reservation and financial systems. Access and exit speeds have increased considerably, fraud has gone down and frequent travellers benefit from ease and speed of services.


Improved efficiency of parking enforcement.

The municipality of Haarlem has had a scan car for parking enforcement already for more than 10 years. Previously, the scan car detected a parking violation, and a parking enforcement officer checked the situation and issued a fine on the street. Currently the parking right is checked and if needed a parking fine is issued at the back office. Instead of finding a parking fine under their windshield wiper, people who did not pay for parking will now receive the additional bill in the mail after a few days. The process greatly improved the efficiency of the parking enforcement.


Targeted approach to increase rotation in certain areas

Parking enforcement in Madrid aims at fast rotation and cars parked for short periods. The ScanAuto detects cars that have not paid or are over-staying. Valuable information from the ScanAuto and process enters in the system and the ScanAuto is allocated to those areas where car drivers show lower than average compliance to the parking regulations.


Increased frequency of control leading to higher income from on street parking.

When Schiedam started with pay-by-phone parking the parking attendants (PA’s) could no longer do visual checks on payments. With around 5.000 regulated parking spaces and traditional P&D at the time, the city decided to start using our ScanScooter and a team of three follow-up PA’s with PDA’s of the current supplier to make the fines. Productivity of the teams went up and so did income from parking mainly through higher payment rates.


New parking policies; paid parking area growing fourfold

Oslo likes people to come to the centre by public transport or bike. The city has enlarged the area for paid parking fourfold. In order to enforce this with the same number of employees, the department of mobility starts using ScanAuto’s. The Control Centre allows  the city to detect and solve bottlenecks in parking and parking enforcement much quicker


Dual purpose: checking on selective access area and enforce on street parking.

The centre of Nijmegen has a large area that can be used by specific vehicles only. The ScanAuto checks all cars in the area and matches the license plates against the white list. At the same time the ScanAuto is used for parking enforcement in other areas.